A Better Future For All Seattleites


Everyone living in our city deserves to have their government be held accountable to a plan, one that will make their communities safer and more habitable for all. Our current city government has not been living up to that standard.

Seattle’s homelessness crisis is multifaceted. Not one specific reason determines if someone becomes homeless and possibly can’t find a suitable place to sleep at night. It could be due to economic struggles, mental illness, substance abuse disorder, lack of affordable housing opportunities, or domestic violence – but the city must address these root causes of homelessness, rather than treat a population of our city as one that is monolithic group.

Build Back Better

At a time when our city has so many businesses that are struggling from an economic perspective, now is when we must bring jobs back to downtown, across our city and build back better. A thriving business community and a thriving job opportunity landscape in Seattle will return resources to our city budget. This will allow our local government to be one that focuses on basic services like clean parks, roads, a thriving downtown, and helping our neighbors.

Public Health and Safety

As a city, Seattleites share the values of wanting a safe, healthy community. We want safe streets and parks, which means that the city must no longer condone sheltered encampments in these open areas which lead to public safety and health crises to their communities and themselves. Other housing solutions must be sustainable in providing services to address the root causes of homelessness our neighbors need.  

To make our communities safer, our city must utilize wide community input in order to support our police department defusing potentially violent situations, not escalating them.